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Summer salad with mayonnaise

Summer salad with mayonnaise

We prepare mayonnaise: we mix a raw yolk + the yolk from a boiled egg with 1 teaspoon of mustard. Pour the oil into a thin wire, mix at high speed. At the end we add salt and pepper to taste.

The green beans are cleaned of the ends and the pieces of the desired size are cut / broken. Boil on low heat for about 15-20 minutes, then drain.

Wash the pepper, cut into strips, then small cubes.

Peel a squash, grate it and add it to the mayonnaise and add the boiled beans.

At the end, add fresh greens, mix and serve.

Good appetite!

Preparing vegetables for Cabbage salad with carrots, celery and mayonnaise

Chop the cabbage and rub it with a little salt.

Let it rest for 7-8 minutes, to leave its juice.

We clean the celery, put it on the large grater, clean the carrots and put them on the large grater.

Mix all the ingredients in a deep bowl, add the chopped dill and let them rest, stirring from time to time.

Meanwhile, we make mayonnaise

Put the yolk, mustard and a pinch of salt in the bowl of the mixer and mix them, gradually dripping with oil.

When the mayonnaise consistently increases its volume, add the lemon juice and continue with the oil dripping.

We add the mineral water towards the end, in order to cut the intense mayonnaise taste, but also to make the mayonnaise more creamy.

We match the taste with salt, depending on how much we salted the salad.

Drain the salad from the liquid it left, then mix it with the mayonnaise and put it in the fridge, covered, until ready to serve.

to cabbage salad with carrots, celery and mayonnaise you can also add 1-2 green apples, grated, give a fruity taste to the salad.

Preparation for eggplant salad recipe with mayonnaise:

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Pumpkin salad with mayonnaise

For the preparation of the pumpkin salad recipe with mayonnaise we have several possibilities for preparation.

Some choose to boil the pumpkins, others to fry them and others (like me :))) to prepare them & # 8220in their juice & # 8221

Honestly, I don't know how the best ones come out, it's the first time I eat, I haven't done it and no one has ever served me :))

Yes, I like it, it's very good and it's another way to prepare pumpkin darlings.

Ingredients pumpkin salad with mayonnaise

2 medium-sized pumpkins

1-2 cloves of garlic (you will be tempted to put more yes & # 8217 I would not recommend, it would be a salad with a predominantly garlic taste :), I say stop at one, tiny)

3 tablespoons homemade mayonnaise

How to prepare pumpkin salad with mayonnaise

I cleaned the zucchini with the peeler (the peel comes out thin and we don't lose much of the zucchini) I cut them into cubes.

I prepared a double-bottomed, non-stick pan and heated it. I put the pumpkins in it. I sprinkled salt to taste and mixed lightly.

From this moment on, the pumpkins began to release their juice. I left it on medium heat, stirring constantly, while the zucchini kept the juice and it evaporated.

I didn't like the idea of ​​boiling and squeezing them, what would it taste like?

I think for about 10-12 minutes I left it on the fire, stirring occasionally. When I saw that the juice did not leave at all and the fork entered them very easily, I added 2 tablespoons of oil, stirring constantly. When they started to brown slightly, I turned off the heat, transferred the pumpkins to a strainer and let them drain (leave all the oil). I didn't care, I didn't squeeze them. They were dry enough to cook in their own juice.

If you prefer, you can stop cooking their juice until they are well penetrated and no longer leave the juice. I chose to brown an idea for an extra taste.

While the zucchini are left to cool, prepare the mayonnaise, chop the fresh parsley and the garlic clove.

Transfer the drained zucchini and cool in a larger bowl, add the parsley, mayonnaise and garlic.

I didn't add salt, it was enough from pumpkin and mayonnaise.

Let it cool for 10 minutes, so that the flavors become friendly, although I didn't leave it at all :)) I put it on two slices and ate it with gusto.

  • cauliflower (approx. 400 g)
  • 3-4 tablespoons of quick mayonnaise
  • a clove of garlic
  • salt and pepper

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Green bean salad with mayonnaise

Green bean salad with mayonnaise - one of the most classic and simple appetizer salads, but definitely one of the most loved! Are you trying the recipe for the holiday meal?

When I was little I didn't like green beans at all, certainly because I didn't know what I was losing! Then I tried this salad, more for the sake of mayonnaise, because my mother rarely used mayonnaise even when I had the opportunity? We taste everything! That's how I discovered that Green bean salad with mayonnaise and a lot of garlic is actually a delight!

For the recipe of Green Bean Salad with Mayonnaise you can use any type of beans, green or yellow, thin or wide pods, depending on your preferences and tastes. We really like the version with yellow beans, broad pods, probably because it is the beans we were used to since childhood. I still remember when Grandma Sia came from the country with a big sack of beans and we all sat around the kitchen table, telling stories and breaking the heads of beans, then each pod in 2-3 pieces.

Grandma is still preparing a delicious low green beans with tomatoes, which she keeps in the freezer for the winter. You have HERE The recipe for low beans with sausages, published on the blog in 2007, is also one of the first recipes published on the blog!

In the range Our room from LIDL find the wide yellow beans perfect for any recipe, from green bean soup to our recipe today - green bean salad with mayonnaise!

Click PLAY in the window below for the HOMEMADE MAYONNA recipe!

Ingredients for 6-8 servings of green bean salad with mayonnaise

  • 450g wide yellow beans in our room
  • 140g Greek style yogurt Pilos (a jar)
  • 100g Kania mayonnaise
  • 2 tablespoons Kania mustard
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic
  • salt, pepper to taste

Preparation Green bean salad with mayonnaise

  1. Boil the beans in salted water until the pods are soft. We test them with a fork.
  2. When the fork enters the pod easily, it means that they are ready. We drain them very well in a sieve.
  3. We prepare a sauce from mayonnaise, Greek yogurt, mustard, garlic passed through the press, salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Pour the sauce over the beans, mix very well. We match the taste of salt and pepper.
  5. We can also add a little lemon juice or hot pepper flakes, green onion tails or chives.

Leave the green bean salad with mayonnaise in the fridge for at least 2 hours before serving. In fact, the colder it is, the more flavorful the sauce and the better bound the sauce.

How do we choose eggplant for salad?

Eggplant salad she is very much loved by us and we do it all summer long. In winter I make frozen eggplant salad. I always choose large and beautiful eggplants from the market, with a shiny and dark skin (as black as possible), without visible defects. Small eggplants have a lot of peel and are not worth baking. The big ones have a lot of core. It can be made from small eggplants moussaka or rounds of come bread.

More recently, there are also seedless eggplants, with a white and fluffy core, not at all bitter. There are also graffiti eggplants (white-purple stripes) or white eggplants (large or mini, like eggs). I used the latter for other dishes: stuffed in the oven or eggplant fan. It's a shame to turn them into eggplant salad.

I only make eggplant salad with mayonnaise in the winter, when I use frozen eggplant & # 8211 recipe here.

Lately, some very watery eggplants have appeared on the market, as if they were injected with water. Their yield after baking is terribly low (40%), ie from one kilogram of fresh eggplant left with 400 g of baked and drained core. I was scared by how much they dropped when baking and how much juice they left in the bowl under the strainer!

If you hit the most honest eggplants, you will be left with 50-60% of them.

11 comments to & bdquoEggplant Salad & rdquo

It's very tasty! If you believe me from yesterday, I was thinking of preparing eggplant salad today. Only I will make it in the natural version (without mayonnaise) and I will put a little zucchini. Many kisses!

Oh what idea, how do you put the zucchini, boil it and chop it finely?

And I've been craving an eggplant salad for a few days.

I never made garlic!

how good it looks placed like that!

Amalia congratulations, super new look of the blog: P

This salad is my favorite, I would eat in one and I'm not tired: D

Yes, boil the zucchini and finely chop it, you can pass it to the robot if you want, and mix it with the eggplant. You know, it gives it consistency and a certain flavor. I put it in the freezer in winter if we want to eat eggplant salad. I kiss you!

I had the recipe but it looks sensational with this design

Thank you very much for that and I posted it, maybe it will inspire you at least through design:)) & # 8230Amalia I will definitely try pumpkins.

The work with metal utensils is from the time of the grandparents when there was no stainless steel. Anyway it's good to avoid :)). Otherwise, good luck in the kitchen. Right now I also have 20 kg to bake for the winter.

In the eggplant salad you can put finely chopped bell peppers, fresh or baked! let's not forget that in this salad a little vinegar or lemon juice is added, so it becomes more & quotracoroasa & quot. :)

Amalia congratulations for the blog!
My version of natural eggplant salad:
bake the eggplant, chop it, put the finely chopped onion in the water until I prepare the rest of the ingredients so it comes out hot / bitter then a strainer of water I put it with the chopped eggplant, garlic I put in abundance, grate on the small grater zucchini for two eggplants a zucchini smaller or 1/2 of a larger one, grated zucchini squeezed from the juice, a small carrot put on a small grater, chopped parsley, optionally 1/2 finely chopped bell pepper / donut, 1-2 finely chopped and squeezed tomatoes, I add salt to taste, extra virgin olive oil if possible in abundance / it's crazy, if not normal oil, mix everything well, put it on slices of bread / zucchini / donut / bell pepper and grate a little cheese on top.
The liver / ball will thank you.
I hope you like it .

Amaranth salad with fasting mayonnaise & # 8211 Amaranth caviar

Probably some of you, as I did a few years ago when I discovered it, wonder what amaranth is and how it is prepared and what it tastes like.

Amaranth is a plant that grows in South American countries, being considered a plant with a number of benefits for the human body. It consumes both its leaves and seeds. It resembles quinoa, does not contain gluten and is highly valued by people who have this intolerance.

It is very rich in protein, minerals, vitamins and calcium and is beneficial for the heart, bones, digestion, varicose veins, eyesight and for weight loss. It is used both in the preparation of hot and cold dishes such as salads, desserts, etc.

Today I decided to make an amaranth salad with fasting mayonnaise & # 8211 Amaranth caviar, as it is also called.

Stay tuned for the list of ingredients, but also the simple way to prepare amaranth salad.

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How to Make an Amaranth Salad with Fasting Mayonnaise & # 8211 Amaranth Caviar


  • 250 g amaranth
  • 600 ml of cold water
  • Salt, pepper to taste
  • 1-2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1 medium red onion

Ingredients for fasting mayonnaise:

  • 200 ml of sunflower oil
  • 100 ml soy milk
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1/4 teaspoon turmeric

Method of preparation:

We put the amaranth in a thick sieve and wash it under a stream of cold water, drain it well.

In the 600 milliliters of water we hydrate the berries for a few hours, it would be best overnight.

In a large pot, boil the amaranth in a tor with the liquid in which it was hydrated, and when it boils for the first time, reduce the heat to low and cook for about 15 minutes on low heat, stirring occasionally so that it does not stick.

Remove from the heat, put a lid on and let it cool completely.

Put the amaranth in a bowl and gradually add the mayonnaise and mix with a robot, but it works well with a whisk.

Add the onion, taste and the salad is ready to serve. Good job and good appetite!

Video: Καλοκαιρινή μακαρονοσαλάτα με σως!!!! (January 2022).