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Instant Pot Just Supercharged Its Latest Model With Google Assistant

Instant Pot Just Supercharged Its Latest Model With Google Assistant

You can now control the Instant Pot with your voice—another reason why it may be worth an upgrade.

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Instant Pot earned its reputation by revolutionizing kitchens with 13 different pre-programmed features, which slash cooking times for everything from slow-roasted meat to a layered cake—making most dishes less intensive than they once were. Most home cooks couldn't imagine a way to make the Instant Pot more accommodating than it already was, but then the team behind this super multi-cooker released a model that can be controlled by a smartphone, from anywhere.

But now that model is being supercharged with a feature that lets users control the gadget with just their voice.

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Instant Brands, the parent company behind its signature product, is currently showing off an upgraded Instant Pot Smart WiFi model at the the Consumer Electronics Show, one of the biggest technology events of the year hosted in Las Vegas. According to reports from Engadget, the Smart WiFi model now supports Google Assistant, allowing cooks to get dinner started or change controls entirely without even using a phone or the appliance display.

Google Assistant comes preloaded on gadgets like Google Home, but you don't even need one to use this feature on your Instant Pot. Simply download the free app onto a phone or a computer and you can check in on the progress of your pressure cooker in another room entirely.

It's definitely one of Instant Pot's less crucial bells and whistles, but if you're busy working with a bunch of ingredients or smack in the middle of a meal prepping a big batch meal, simply calling out to your Instant Pot will certainly make the process even faster.

More on Instant Pot:

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Alongside the voice and WiFi feature, the Instant Pot Smart goes hand in hand with the free Instant Pot app, loaded with 750 pre-programmed recipes that just require you to load the ingredients. It's designed to hold six quarts, and while the appliance is currently on sale for just under $150, it has been previously placed on deep discount—on Cyber Monday, it was sold for a mere $80. If you've been thinking about upgrading your old Instant Pot Ultra, this model is definitely one to keep an eye on.

5 Reasons Why the Instant Pot Is 100% Worth the Hype

When cooking a healthy meal at home is so quick and easy, who needs takeout?

Dear people of the internet: if you don't own an Instant Pot in the year of our lord 2019, it's time to hop on this bandwagon because it's going to keep on rolling forever.

Honestly, the Instant Pot is revolutionary. Like, it should go down in history as one of humanity's great inventions, alongside the wheel, the steam engine, and computers. And it continues to prove it's the kitchen device of the future, as the company just revealed at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that the Instant Pot Smart Wifi Pressure Cooker now works with Google Assistant. Now, you can start cooking food and check its progress purely with verbal commands, which is truly the stuff of sci-fi.

In all seriousness, this appliance is pretty genius, and while the price may deter some buyers who aren't convinced it's necessary for them to get dinner on the table, I'm here to say it's way more helpful than you might realize.

Best Overall: Ninja AF101 4-Quart Digital Screen Air Fryer

What We Like: Wide temperature range, nonstick basket, 4 cooking functions, stops cooking automatically

What We Don't Like: No automatic shutoff or preheat function

You may associate Ninja products with their popular line of blenders and juicers, but they also make other small kitchen appliances like air fryers. The thoughtfully designed and reasonably priced Ninja AF101 is their entryway into countertop air fryers.

The cooking basket has a nonstick ceramic coating and holds 4 quarts of food, which is approximately equivalent to 2 pounds of fries. While air fryer capacity can range from less than 2 quarts to more than 9 quarts, this size is the sweet spot for small families, couples, and individuals.

In addition to air frying, this model also roasts, reheats, and dehydrates food. It can do all of this since it can handle temperatures from 105 to 400 degrees. Navigate between the four cooking methods with the easy-to-use control panel, which also has a digital countdown timer. When dehydrating food, such as making fruit leathers, use the separate multi-layer rack to allow for a larger capacity.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 13.6 x 11 x 13.3 inches | Weight: 10.5 pounds | Capacity: 4 quarts | Wattage: 1550 W

Best Instant Pot recipes

There are too many incredible Instant Pot recipes to name them all. Cookbooks like “Dinner in an Instant” and “The Ultimate Instant Pot Cookbook” are ideal sources for great recipes. Still, you can’t go wrong with a delicious, easy-to-make recipe like Instant Pot Hawaiian chicken. The Instant Pot Duo, or models that are more advanced than the Duo, are ideal for this recipe.

Instant Pot Hawaiian chicken


  • 2 pounds of chicken breast
  • One bottle of Hawaiian BBQ sauce
  • Pineapple rings
  • Chicken broth
  • Salt and pepper
  • Hawaiian rolls
  1. Pour the broth into the Instant Pot, and insert a trivet.
  2. Lay the chicken on the trivet and baste it in 1/4 cup of BBQ sauce. Add salt and pepper.
  3. Cover the instant pot, secure the lid and set the valve to “sealing.” Set the pressure cooker to 12 minutes for fresh chicken or 15 minutes for frozen chicken.
  4. When the time is up, you’ll need to let it sit for 5 minutes.
  5. Move the valve to “venting” and remove the lid.
  6. Remove the chicken, and shred it. Add it back to the instant pot, and set it to “saute.”
  7. Add the rest of the BBQ and pineapple. Stir for 3 minutes.

You can go deep with flavor, too.

The thing I was most surprised by in the handful of Instant Pot recipes I tested was that the flavor of each was quite deep and complex.

The pressure cooker concentrated the flavor of the ingredients as well as transformed the texture of things like meat and beans. I didn’t expect this, after years of finding slow cooker dishes somewhat lacking in the flavor department.

I can’t wait to try something like pho, a dish whose super flavorful broth has always intimidated me at home.

Here’s what we found when we reviewed the cooking modes these appliances have in common.

Pressure cooker: On pressure-cook mode, both appliances turned out tender baby back ribs in about 54 minutes—much faster than the 2 hours the ribs took in the oven. “If you want ribs to have a crispy crust, you’ll need to finish off the ribs after pressure-cooking with a coating of barbecue sauce and bake them in an oven for about 15 minutes,” says Bernie Deitrick, the CR test engineer who conducted our multi-cooker tests.

Slow cooker: The Instant Pot and Crock-Pot Express Crock both served up pulled pork that was tender and delicious after a day’s cooking. In earlier tests, the Instant Pot took a bit longer than pork cooked in a traditional Crock-Pot slow cooker. (Check our “Instant Pot vs. Big Green Egg: Ultimate Pulled Pork Face-Off.”)

Rice cooker: Both cookers did a fine job cooking 2 cups of brown rice in roughly 45 minutes.

Steamer: Our broccoli-and-carrot medleys turned out a bit mushy. “That’s because these cookers use a pressure-steam process, and the lid is locked during cooking, making it difficult to check for your preferred tenderness,” Deitrick says.

Sautéing: Neither multi-cooker has the power to sear well, so our sauté test—preparing Kung Pao chicken—didn’t show much browning compared with chicken cooked on a stovetop. Still, the results were tasty. The Crock-Pot’s nonstick cooking surface made cleanup easier than the Instant Pot’s uncoated stainless steel.

Yogurt: Here’s where we saw a difference in the two cookers. Using the recipes recommended for each machine, we found that the Instant Pot made slightly thicker yogurt than the Crock-Pot in our tests.

Warming: You can cook pasta, for example, on your rangetop, then transfer the food to the multi-cooker and use its warming mode to keep the dish warm for dinner or a party. Both the Instant Pot and the Crock-Pot Express Crock stayed in the safe hot-food range during our test’s 4-hour time period.

The Crock-Pot’s keep-warm mode runs for up to 4 hours, though it’s easy enough to restart when the time is up. The Instant Pot’s warming function is claimed to allow you to keep food warm for up to 24 hours, though our food-safety experts say that after 4 hours of warming, food can begin to lose its flavor.

Instant Pot vs Air Fryer

Published: Aug 27, 2019 · Modified: Apr 1, 2020 by Bintu · This post may contain affiliate links.

Which is better, Instant Pot vs Air Fryer? When it comes to purchasing new kitchen appliances, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. So to help you choose, I&rsquom breaking down the features of the Air Fryer vs Instant Pot and giving you my top picks in each category.

Instant Pot vs Air Fryer. Wondering which one is better? Foodie friends, I am here to break it all down so that you can decide which one is right for you!

When it comes to meal prep, we&rsquore all looking for ways to make cooking up healthy, nutritious, (and delicious) meals faster and easier. And fortunately, there are many kitchen appliances on the market designed to do exactly that.

And two of the most popular gadgets (and also my personal faves), the Instant Pot and the Air Fryer, include loads of features that help you save time in the kitchen. #easycookingforthewin

But before you can determine if you should select the Instant Pot vs Air Fryer, let&rsquos answer the question &ldquowhat&rsquos the difference between Instant Pot and Air Fryer?&rdquo

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21 Best Instant Pot Recipes

Main Dishes:

Side Dishes:



More Delicious Recipes:

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