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Club Sandwich

Club Sandwich

Club Sandwich Recipe by of 04-06-2015 [Updated on 02-09-2015]

The Club Sandwich is a multi-tiered sandwich, where layers of chicken, salad, tomato and bacon alternate. The club sandwich is one of the most famous sandwiches in the world and also one of the best in my opinion, served with a side of fries (speaking of chips, later I'll give you a tip to prepare them) and a cold drink is a lunch perfect informal. I don't know about you, but this broken week is upsetting me, in 3 days I have to zip the week's work and in addition I have made another commitment for Elisa, from this month she will go to the pool and between school, sports, appointments my etc I don't really know how many times a day I go up and down the stairs but ... that's okay, I take comfort in the thought that the holidays are coming soon * _ * So I leave you to the recipe for this delicious clubhouse sandwich and I go to gear the march, kisses: *


How to make the Club Sandwich

Remove the edges of the bread and toast it on a hot grill.

Toast the bacon on both sides on a hot frying pan until crispy.

Brown the chicken kebab bits in a non-stick pan.
If you can't find chicken for kebabs, you can use normal chicken slices, cut into strips and season with salt, pepper, a drizzle of oil and, if you like, some spices (paprika, cumin, mint ...).

Arrange all the ingredients on the work surface and start assembling the sandwiches.

Place a slice of toast on a plate, spread a generous layer of mayonnaise on it and place a lettuce leaf and chicken on top.

Close the first layer with a second slice of toast. Spread a little mustard on it and, if you like, a little more mayonnaise. I don't like mustard, so I put little in it!
Then arrange the bacon and a couple of tomato slices on the slice.

Close the club sandwich with a third slice of toast, which you will stop with skewers.
Then cut the sandwich in half diagonally.

Proceed like this to prepare the other sandwiches. Serve immediately.

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