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Cous cous cake with chocolate

Cous cous cake with chocolate

Recipe Chocolate couscous cake by of 05-06-2020 [Updated on 05-06-2020]

There chocolate couscous cake it is a dessert that seems almost a cross between a cheesecake and a millefeuille. The presence of cous cous in the filling makes this cake very special, with a special texture of its own that I really appreciated. To make the dessert tastier, I added some macaroons, as well as a little vanilla and in my opinion the mix of flavors and textures is really perfect! So if you want to try to cook a different cake than usual, keep this recipe in mind;)


How to make chocolate couscous cake

First of all, prepare the couscous: boil the milk with the vanilla bean and the sugar, then remove the vanilla and add the couscous.
Turn off the heat, stir and wait for a few minutes for the couscous to absorb the milk.

When the couscous has absorbed all the milk (5-10 minutes should be enough), add the chopped chocolate and mix, then also incorporate the amaretti (coarsely crumbled) and eggs.

Chop the biscuits and stir in the melted butter.
Then use the mixture to line the bottom of the mold (after covering it with parchment paper), compacting it well.

Pour the couscous mixture into the mold, level the surface and cook for about 40 minutes in a preheated convection oven at 170 ° C.

The chocolate couscous cake is ready: let it cool completely, then decorate with icing sugar and serve.

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