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Parsley pesto

Parsley pesto

Parsley Pesto Recipe of of 22-07-2020

The parsley pesto it is a different condiment than usual and that people hardly expect. Although it is a variant of pesto alla genovese, in reality if we want it is a sort of very basic version of the most famous green sauce, and as such you can use it both to season pasta, as I did in this case, and to accompany croutons or bruschetta, or even to accompany meat, fish or vegetable dishes. In short, a single sauce with many different uses, fresh and tasty, which is prepared in a few minutes and is perfect in every season ... what are you waiting for to try parsley pesto?


How to make parsley pesto

First of all, wash the parsley, dry it and remove the larger stems.
Then put it in a mixer with garlic (clean and without soul), anchovies and pine nuts and start blending, then add the oil and pecorino and blend until you get a smooth cream.
Taste and eventually season with salt.

The parsley pesto is ready: put it in a bowl, cover and let it rest for at least 10 minutes before using it for all your preparations.

In this case I used it to season the pasta, so in the meantime cook the pasta and drain it al dente, then (raw!) Season it with the parsley pesto, adding a little cooking water if necessary, and serve .

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